What if the hero didn't know karate, had never been in the Special Forces, and didn't magically know what the villain was going to do three steps before the villain himself? What if he was just an ordinary person who stumbled into extraordinary circumstances, but had to depend on himself to survive?

And what if the problem he faces has nothing to do with nuclear war, alien attack, or international spies trying to take over the US Government and banking system? What if most of the rest of the world didn't know or care about his problems, but it meant everything--maybe even life or death--to him and those he loves?


Despite a pretty clear plan to publish in his favorite Suspense/Thriller genres, Michael Griffith ended his multi-decade career in the financial industry and promptly published something completely different in November 2015. "Committed" was a fiction/non-fiction hybrid designed to help writers understand the business options. To make it readable for them, the technical stuff was "hidden" in a work of contemporary fiction, complete with a love story, although there was very little suspense and even fewer thrills. "You'll Be Home For Christmas,"  a short-story, holiday-themed romance published in mid-December 2015, continued the story of young Peter Taylor and his girlfriend. A few reviewers described it as, "a heartwarming tale about Peter." Five months after being published, it remains in or near the Amazon Top 100 in its category.

"Deadly Choices" will again explore the lives of Peter and his girlfriend, but in an entirely different way. Solidly in the Suspense/Thriller categories, "Deadly Choices" explores the question of what would Peter do--just an ordinary twenty-something, recent college grad with no super hero skills--if thrust into an extraordinary set of circumstances? For readers of the first two stories, there will be lots of "ah-ha" moments where they see that little was quite as it seemed. "Deadly Choices" will hit the ground running from page one, and won't let up until the very last page, with plenty of twists and turns in between.