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“It’s cancer.” Two little words that will change your life. I first heard those words in July 2003, when my dermatologist called to tell me I had a Clark Level IV melanoma (skin cancer), with a Breslow’s depth of 1.92 mm. Two surgeries and one year later (and recovering from a major liver resection), I was struck by how little I had known about cancer before the diagnosis, and how little people I encounter know about it to this day.

PremAseem.com posted a great article about cancer, and how to avoid it. It is based on research by Johns Hopkins. Where many articles on the subject are overly and unnecessarily complex, and filled with scientific jargon, PremAseem’s article gives common-sense, practical advice in a format even non-scientists will find helpful.  Perhaps the key concept you need to understand is we all have cancer cells. But there are things you can do to help your body fight them, so they don’t turn into a potentially fatal illness. This is one you need to read.  (OP 1/2/2014)

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