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In a testament to my superb sense of timing, the paperback version of Committed is now available on Amazon! The eBook will be available tomorrow, November 6, 2015. Anyone who buys the paperback will also be allowed to download the eBook for free!

Sometimes when I buy a book, I’ll buy the eBook so I can have it with me on one of my devices wherever I go. It works the same going in the other direction as well. If I like an eBook, I may eventually buy a physical copy for my shelves. The question is always, how much money do I want to spend on one book?

I’ve never understood why publishers didn’t include a free copy of the eBook along with the purchase of the physical book. Okay, it’s not a mystery, but sometimes it’s appropriate to set aside profit goals and just do the right thing.

Accordingly, anyone who purchases a physical copy of Committed will be able to download a free copy of the eBook through Amazon.


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