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Back in November, I entered an online writing contest. The challenge was to write “the opening line of a novel, based on the picture shown.” The sponsor specifically noted they were looking for openers for a novel (Call me Ishmael.) rather than captions (Hey Steve, that guy in the apartment upstairs overflowed his bathtub again!) Further, the opening line had to be twenty five words or less.  Here was my entry:

“She appeared again in my dream, standing trapped on a chair in water, but I knew it wasn’t real, because Christina was already dead.”

Sadly, my sentence wasn’t selected as one of the ten finalists. Admittedly, it probably should be two sentences instead of one. That said, and at the risk of coming off as Kim Jong-un, I’m going to run a second contest, with my sentence as the only entry (if my entry had been as witty as this sentence, it would have won…):

Finally, if you have a minute, and are so inclined, take a shot at writing your own sentence. Leave your attempt in the Comments section.  Just remember, it’s an opening sentence to a novel, you only get one sentence, and twenty-five words or less. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! And wear your hardhat.  The writing biz is just brutal! (OP 12/17/2013)

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