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Committed: A Novel About Dreams, Writing, and Self-Publishing is currently available exclusively on in both paperback and Kindle eBook versions. Three hundred forty pages of reading goodness!

From the back cover:

Peter Taylor is running out of time. To keep his parents happy, he’s on the verge of taking a six-figure consulting job with his father’s firm even though he loathes the idea of a business career. And he’s on the path toward marriage with his girlfriend Ashley even though it’s clear she’s with him for the money and not for love. If he starts the job or marries Ashley, his secret dream of being a writer–and the better life that goes with it–will be gone forever.

Backed into a moment of no return at his college graduation dinner, Peter finally tells his parents he wants to write novels for a living. His announcement sets in motion a battle with his parents bigger and more far-reaching than anything he could have imagined, with unforeseen consequences and irreversible outcomes for everyone involved.

Committed is a thought-provoking novel that reminds us that sometimes true love finds us in the most unlikely places, and is worth waiting for…and examines what it takes to have the courage to fight for our dreams, rather than just taking the path of least resistance.

Committed is also filled with real-life information about writing and publishing for those that “have always wanted to write a book,” but like Peter, don’t have any idea of how to get started.

What readers are saying!

Early reviews are in and readers have a lot of good things to say! Almost any writer will tell you if they had things to do over again, there are things they would do differently. That said, comments from those that have read advance copies have been encouraging. See for yourself! 

A scene from Committed: 

Preview a scene from Chapter 9. In it, Peter’s parents talk about the results of one of the bullpen sessions. Although the scene is short, important secrets are revealed that play a major role in the rest of the book!

The Vault – Bonus Content

If you’ve read Committed to the end you know the password for the Vault. It contains behind-the-scenes extras from the book. If you liked reading about Peter and Christine and the rest, you’ll love learning more in the Vault!