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It’s common practice in the publishing industry to provide readers with “Advance Review Copies” of a book prior to official release. It (hopefully) helps the author catch any last minute typos, and more importantly, gives an indication of how the book may be received. The early reviews for Committed have been encouraging:

  • “Your character development is great.”
  • Your love story played out just like a Nicholas Sparks book, which seems to be your goal.”
  • You have a great writing style.”
  • “It never let up…”
  • The bullpen sessions were a creative way to introduce so much information about self-publishing.”
  • “You completely rock it with character development.”
  • “I can tell it went through a lot of editing. It looks really professional.”
  • “The story had a good amount of twists and turns to keep it interesting and entertaining.”
  • “There is nothing I would change about the pace of your novel.”
  • “There are plenty of people who need to read (this) book.”
  • “I really enjoyed the story, along with the non-fiction aspects of it.”
  • “The characters were all believable.”
  • “I learned some things.”
  • “Smart and insightful.”
  • “Interesting hybrid between a novel and self-publishing self-help book.”
  • “I found myself laughing out loud, captivated by boardroom battles and charmed by the imagery of the love story that unfolds throughout the book.”
  • “The dialogue between Peter and his father’s consultants is a riveting ego battle.”
  • “Committed explores all of the reasons we derail ourselves.”

Everyone likes to hear nice things about their work and I’m certainly not immune to that. More importantly, comments like these tell me Committed ended up accomplishing much of what I hoped it would. “I learned some things,” and, “…it (was) entertaining.” I hope you think so too.

Not that you’ve heard what other people have had to say, read a scene for yourself!