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From the Back Cover:

Sometimes life conspires to keep us from the ones we love. While always painful, it can hurt more at Christmas than any other time of the year. Having recently lost his parents, Peter Taylor is especially grateful he’ll be able to spend one final Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in his childhood home, and then Christmas Day with his girlfriend Christine. When everything goes wrong, he still tries to find a way to make this Christmas his best ever.

You’ll Be Home For Christmas picks up where the novel Committed left off and suggests that those we love never truly leave us. It considers the difference between what we might wish for and what matters most and shows that true love can overcome almost anything.

Please note that this is a short story of just over 10,000 words.

Q&A with Michael

Q: What prompted you to write, "You'll Be Home For Christmas?"
A: I liked how "Committed" ended, but with it being a few days before Christmas, I always wondered how Peter and Christine's first Christmas together would have gone. I like them both and wanted to see, "what's next."

Q: How do you see the story? How would you characterize it?
A: Everyone can and will have their own take; that's one of my favorite things about books. I see "Committed" and "You'll Be Home..." primarily as a love story. There are more themes, of course, but these books are about two people that are meant to be together.

Q: Isn't the old Christmas carol, "I'll Be Home For Christmas?"
A: And the last line ends with, "if only in my dreams." There might be come kind of connection...

Q: Is "You'll Be Home..." autobiographical in any way?
A: Not specifically, but I have lost my grandparents and both parents, a number of extended family members and friends. Two of my adult children live in other cities and I won't be able to see them all this Christmas. So yes, the theme of missing loved ones, yet still being with them in other ways is very meaningful to me.

Q: Christmas waffles?
A: You can bet I'll have some this year!

Q: Where will the series go from here?
A: People have really responded to the love story between Peter and Christine. That's my favorite part too. While Peter will always be a writer, or try to be [ 😮 ], but future books will focus on Peter and Christine and their love story.

Q: Do you really like contact from readers about your stories?
A: Absolutely! I have made changes to the next book based on great comments from readers. Keep them coming! You can connect with me through links in the "About The Author" section of this book, or through my website at (

Q: Is the cover from Van Gogh or Picasso?
A: Yes, that's an original. Where the cover for "Committed" was done by a professional designer, time wouldn't permit a pro design for this short. While I like it and think it captures the spirit of the story, I'll be leaving the covers for my novels to the pros!