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Read A Lot, Write A Lot

Tim Kreider, in an interview with Jon Winokur from, expanded on King’s famous advice, saying, “I’m afraid the only real advice I have to give is so obvious as to be hardly worth reciting. Write a lot, thousands of pages: stories, essays, long letters, reviews, really good liner notes for mix CDs or playlists. And read a lot — I mean a lot a lot.” I would only add, “Do both at the same time.”

Over the years, I have found that I lose weight fastest when I focus on diet and exercise at the same time. And I’m talking about more than just obvious calorie math. Exercising makes me want to eat better. Eating better makes me want to exercise more. Doing both puts me in the mood to get in shape, or stay in shape. Mentally, there is an important balance between the two.

I think reading and writing have a balance that works the same way. The more I read, the more I want to write. Even better, the more I read, the better I write. There’s obviously a benefit to seeing how other authors do things. But like the balance between diet and exercise, combining reading and writing changes my state of mind. It puts me in a creative place that makes it all work so much better.

I think King and Kreider would agree with me. (OP 1/17/2014)

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