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Rex Reed is out in the New York Observer with his Best Movies of 2013.  I haven’t seen all the films on the list, and will use this post as a “To-Do” reminder over the holiday break. Here are a few brief comments on the movies I’ve already seen:

Prisoners:  Set in Pennsylvania (but shot in Georgia?) at Thanksgiving. The rain and snow from continually overcast skies set the tone.  Hugh Jackman convincingly played a father desperate to find his missing daughter. Paul Dano is spectacularly creepy in the role of the primary suspect. Great story. I liked it, and will own the Blue-ray.

All Is Lost:  They had difficulty getting this film into wide distribution, but I’m glad I was able to catch it while it was out. Robert Redford, sailing in the Indian Ocean, when his boat is seriously damaged, and he’s unable to call for help.  Since he’s the only character, there is virtually no dialogue.  Just Redford, trying to live.  In The Edge, Anthony Hopkins asked Alec Baldwin, “Shall we lay down and die, Bob?  Shall we lay down and die?”  Redford would have answered, “no.”  Good movie, ambiguous ending, great performance by Redford, but I didn’t get lost in the story.

Nebraska:  Bruce Dern is Oscar-worthy in this offbeat story of an old man convinced he’s won a million dollars from a Publisher’s Clearing House-styled sweepstakes, and is determined to make the trip to collect. His son acquiesces, and takes his father on a road trip to collect his father’s winnings. Old relationships from Dern’s past, good and bad, are revisited along the way. In the end, a wonderful story about people, life, and dignity. By far my favorite of the three.

Here’s the big question:  How am I going to see the other seven, and Anchorman 2 over Christmas break?

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