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The 1981 AFC Championship Game was played in Cincinnati, Ohio on January 10, 1982 between the Cincinnati Bengals and the San Diego Chargers. Dubbed “The Freezer Bowl,” it ranks as the second coldest NFL game of all time in terms of actual air temperature at -9 degrees. Factoring in a sustained wind of 27 miles per hour, it ranks as the coldest NFL game ever played in terms of wind chill at -59 degrees. Notably, the Chargers lost after winning in 88 degree weather in Miami the week before, and effective “feels like” swing of 147 degrees. Some of the Bengals players opted to play in short sleeves. Players from both teams say they still feel the effects from the game today.  I would bet the fan shown below would say the same:


The forecast for this weekend’s game in Green Bay, Wisconsin between the Packers and San Francisco calls for game time temperatures of -8 degrees. To the rugged, die-hard fans of Green Bay, if you’re ever going to skip a game because of the weather, this might be the one!

From, here’s a list of the ten coldest NFL games ever played.

UPDATE, January 10, 2014: CBS Sports posted an article today about the 32nd anniversary of the Freezer Bowl in Cincinnati. Comments from the players near the end of the article are worth a look. (OP 1/3/2014)

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