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There is no single “right” way to be a writer or to publish a book. What makes any writer’s work unique is how they apply their individual worldview and experience to their story. The information and links provided below helped me make the decisions I needed to make to complete my first book. I hope in some small way, they will help you too.

If you have any questions about these links, or about something I haven’t yet linked, send me an email through the Contact page, and I’ll be glad to try to help.

Author Earnings: How much money can you earn as a writer? Start by reviewing Hugh Howey’s AuthorEarnings.com. If you still want more, there are other links provided.

Books For Writers: Books about writing or the business side of writing.

Favorite Links: A collection of my favorite links, all on one page.

Follow These Sites!: These are some of the most important websites for an indie writer. If you haven’t heard of them, or haven’t visited in a while, you should take a look.

Publishing: So, you’ve written a book. This is how you get it into the hands of readers.

Scrivener: For my money, the best writing software on the market. Incredible value for a very low price.

Software (other): After Scrivener, other software I’ve tried.

Website: Ways to build your own website for very little money, and without a computer engineering degree.