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Once your book is finished, you have lots of publishing choices. I have decided to publish my eBook exclusively through Amazon, and my paper books through Createspace. If you’ve decided to go indie, here are some of the places you may want to consider:


Amazon – Kindle Direct Publishing Login: Whether you’re creating a new account, or logging into an existing account, this is where it all starts.

Apple iTunes Connect: Publishing on iBooks? This is the place.

Kobo Writing Life: Self-publish with Kobo.

Nook Press: Publish on the Nook with Barnes and Noble.

eBook Distributors

If you decide to distribute your eBook on all platforms (going wide), uploading your book to even just the four stores shown above could be time consuming and complicated. Some people upload a single file to a distributor, and the distributor will upload the book to whichever sellers you select.

Draft2Digital: I have not used them, but I think they’d be a good fit for a writer who chooses wide distribution, and is intimidate by the thought up uploading to many vendors. No upfront costs. Print on Demand (POD) Paperbacks

Smashwords: Again, a distributor for a writer choosing wide distribution. I know a few writers that swear by them, and others that say Draft2Digital is easier to work with.

Print on Demand (POD)

Createspace: A subsidiary of Amazon. I use Createspace to print my physical books.