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Writing will always be at the center of my day. No amount of technology is going to make up for a lack of writing skills. It can, however, make the rest of your workflow easier. Here’s a list of software I’ve tried over the past year or so, and a few comments about each:

Aeon Timeline: For creating a timeline of the overall story, character arcs, and subplots of your story. Timeline gives you the ability to create a one page overview of your book. I haven’t used it as much as I could, but plan to give it another try on my next book. Because Committed took place over about six weeks, it wasn’t particularly difficult to keep up with the timeline. For more complex timelines, this will be handy.

Grammarly: Can’t afford an editor? Run your story through Grammarly software online, and it will review your work for grammar, spelling, and vocabulary errors. There is a free version and a paid version, and no, I haven’t run this page through either, so don’t blame them! And while I don’t think any software can replace a professional editor, I do believe that (at least) the free tool can helpful.

Kindle Reading App (Free): Download the free app straight from Amazon, and read from your computer, tablet, or phone. Also available, of course, through your App Store.