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Building a website can be scary, and potentially expensive. On the other hand, there’s a relatively simple and inexpensive way to put one together. As the hub of your author marketing efforts, you need one. If you don’t have the money to hire a team of consultants to build one for you, you can try what I did. There are other vendors that do each of the functions shown, but here’s one way to do it.

The Internet Part

Get a Domain Name:  Go to, and buy a domain name. This is the “” that people enter into their browser to find your site. If your name’s domain is unavailable, you might try, “” Current cost is $2.99, with subsequent years billed at $14.99 per year. Do this a day or two before you try building your site, so the new domain has a chance to work its way through the internet.

Find a Host: I used HostGator. A “host” is basically just the computer where your website is stored. There are ways to do this on your own computer, but I strongly suggest you go with an outside host like HostGator. WordPress hosting is currently advertised on their site at $8 per month, although Google HostGator coupons, and I think you can find a significant discount. Sign up with HostGator (or other), and follow the instructions to install your website. There are two WordPress options online. WordPress.ORG and WordPress.COM. Select the .ORG option. It’s just as easy to get started, and you’ll have better options down the road. Once you’ve installed on WordPress, you’ll be able to select a template (what your site will look like), customize it, and you’ll be up and running!

Here’s one of several YouTube videos that walks through the WordPress/HostGator installation process.