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When I talk to other writers, we’ll often end up talking about an article I’ve read on one of my favorite websites, what software I use, or something else to do with self-publishing. Those conversations sometimes end up with me scribbling an website address on a napkin or scrap of paper. To keep things simple, here is a compilation of some of my favorite writing related links:

Read these daily:

Writer’s Cafe @ KBoards: A message board primarily focused on issues affecting indie authors. If you’re self-publishing, or thinking about it, this is may be your single best resource. You can just lurk, or sign-up for free. What you learn here will be invaluable.

The Passive Voice: “The Passive Guy” links a number of writing-related current events type articles every day, and the reader comments are typically better than most you’ll find elsewhere on the internet. A must read if you’re serious about understanding the current and future landscape for writers.

Check these at least weekly:

HughHowey: Successful indie author of the highly acclaimed Wool, and thoughtful commentator on many key self-publishing issues. If you’re a writer hoping to understand your industry, you should see what Hugh has to say.

Joe Konrath: A formerly traditionally published author that converted to self-publishing, and documented the transition in a very insightful series of blog posts. Go back to at least 2010, and you’ll pick up a wealth of knowledge you’ll need as an indie writer.

Other excellent sites:

David Gaurghran: If you are thinking about signing up with Author Solutions, Author House, or any of their subsidiaries, please don’t do it. Then, do yourself a big favor and search through David’s website to understand why.

Author E.M.S.: I’ve linked to the self-publishing part of their library, which contains a vast collection of subject-specific information. Need to learn about ISBN numbers or Copyrights? Go here.